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All games and books (Boardbooks)

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This bundle is our entire collection of 2 games and 12 Urdu books for kids in a durable boardbook format. 

Learn through play!

Have fun as a family while your children pick up easy words in Urdu. All our resources are written in Urdu, Roman Urdu (Urdu in English script) and provide English translations.

2 Games

  • Includes both our games (memory cards and puzzle)
  • 30 bright and durable cards perfect for little hands (15 pairs) in each game
  • One card includes the object name in Urdu and Roman Urdu (English script) and the matching card is in English
  • For ages 3+

12 books

Our books have been created to make Urdu easy, fun and engaging. 

The 4 step program will help your kids progress through easy words, easy sentences, easy stories and storybooks. You can read more about our 4 step program here.

The package includes the following books:

  • Step 1: Easy Words - 3 books
  • Step 1: Easy Sentences - 2 books
  • Step 1: Easy Stories - 2 books
  • Step 1: Storybooks - 5 books



  • Familiar phonics from English help improve Urdu vocabulary, pronunciation, flow and fluency
  • Bright illustrations and strong visual cues help kids associate new words with images
  • Simple Urdu words and concepts keeping North American and UK kids in mind
  • Full English stories provided as a reference