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Phal (Fruits) Puzzle Game

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Learn through play!

Have fun as a family while your children pick up easy words in Urdu

  • 15 sets of fruits (30 total cards)
  • One card includes the fruit picture and name in English. The matching card includes the name in Urdu and Roman Urdu (English script)
  • Play it as a puzzle, or turn them around and turn it into a matching game!
  • For ages 3+

Easy, fun and engaging way to learn Urdu

Inglish For Kids has a clear goal - to help children learn Urdu using the English alphabet. Our fun and engaging books and games use simple words and easy sentences keeping North American and UK based kids in mind. Each book and game includes text in Urdu, Roman Urdu (Urdu written in English script) and English to help parents and children get more comfortable with the language.